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Possible situations and solutions for the wear and tear of large amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-19
Possible situations and solutions for the wear and tear of large amusement equipment

2021/9/24 4:42:14

Large-scale amusement equipment Nowadays, large-scale amusement equipment often has some wear and tear, so how should we deal with this phenomenon? Let us explain to you the various situations of wear and tear of some large-scale amusement equipment and its treatment methods. First of all, it is a common wear phenomenon that is common in new large-scale amusement equipment. In the face of this situation, we only need to add lubricant to the parts that are easy to wear after the equipment is bought back, because the various parts of the new amusement equipment are relatively smooth.

Then, there is the problem of regular running-in of equipment. After large-scale amusement equipment has been operated for a period of time, some parts of the equipment that are easily rubbed will harden, resulting in deformation of equipment parts. For this situation, we must regularly observe the equipment. and maintenance to avoid deformation of equipment components.

Afterwards, it is a frequent severe wear phenomenon of large-scale amusement equipment. Because the equipment is relatively large, the metal surface of the equipment is more likely to reach the fatigue period than other equipment during operation, thus affecting the performance of the equipment. Equipment maintenance, in addition to good maintenance of equipment can also reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon.

Children's amusement equipment is a very popular type of amusement equipment. Compared with other equipment, this type of amusement equipment has great advantages. So what are the advantages of specific children's amusement equipment compared with other amusement equipment? Let us explain to you:
First of all, children's amusement equipment is generally small in size, so the requirements for the site are relatively small. In this society where land resources are increasingly scarce, this occupies a great advantage. At the same time, the disassembly and transportation of small amusement equipment also More convenient, can realize mobile operation.
Secondly, the running speed of children's amusement equipment is relatively slow. Large-scale amusement equipment manufacturers have considered children's problems during production, so this kind of children's amusement equipment is much higher than other types of equipment, which can reassure operators. operate.
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