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Precautions and maintenance knowledge when purchasing large amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-03-18
Precautions and maintenance knowledge when purchasing large amusement equipment

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When it comes to amusement parks, many people have been there, both children and adults like it very much, and there are many amusement parks nowadays, some of which are suitable for children, and there are still large-scale amusement parks suitable for young people. There are many types of large-scale amusement equipment, so what should you pay attention to when purchasing large-scale amusement equipment? And how to maintain it.

1. Precautions for purchase

1. Easy to disassemble and move equipment (large amusement equipment)   

This type of equipment can be operated in parks, squares and other outdoor places when the weather is good. Facing the warm sunshine in winter and accompanied by beautiful music, it is very lively and has a good effect. When the weather is cold, it can be operated indoors, providing a happy playground for children, which is very convenient to operate.  

2. The floor area should not be too large (large amusement equipment)   

Do not purchase equipment that occupies a large area. After all, indoor places have certain conditions. Therefore, the floor area of u200bu200bthe equipment should not be too large, so that it can be moved flexibly. During installation, it can be installed flexibly according to the situation of the indoor venue. For example, there is just a pillar in the middle of the indoor venue. You can choose a hollow amusement equipment such as a track train. When installing, circle the pillar in the middle, but pay attention to maintaining an appropriate distance to ensure that Children's play safety. 

3. Multiple people can participate at the same time   

Selecting amusement equipment that can be played by multiple people at the same time can not only increase the operating income, but also avoid crowding indoor people due to waiting in long queues. The participation of multiple people also improves the fun of the game and attracts more tourists. , the operating effect is very good.

2. Maintenance matters

1. The power supply must be cut off.

2. Open the exhaust port to exhaust, the time is generally about half an hour, if the equipment enters the water due to rain, the water should be drained and dried.

3. Because a large number of children often come to play, children's amusement equipment will be contaminated with many bacteria. Usually, pay attention to cleaning. When cleaning, you can use washing powder to wipe off the stains and oil stains, and then scrub it with water.

4. Fold the device, block the front with the bottom, and then cover it with a tarp.

5. Equipment that will not be used for a long time should be folded, bundled and packaged well. The storage temperature is generally -50 to +40 degrees Celsius.

6. The fan should be protected from moisture and corrosion. Inflatable equipment should pay attention to preventing rodent and insect bites.

After reading the above knowledge about large-scale amusement equipment, how much have you learned? These knowledge are very important to some managers of the amusement park, so the above knowledge is hoped to be correct Everyone is helpful.
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