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Precautions for children riding park amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-01-25
Precautions for children riding park amusement equipment

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The new generation of park amusement equipment has carefully designed new projects for the naughty characteristics of children. The new ideas, the unique overall structure and the high content of high-tech technology are all incomparable with ordinary products. It is a comprehensive amusement facility that integrates functions such as jumping, climbing, drilling, swinging, rocking, and rolling. While focusing on having fun, you must also be vigilant about the safety of your equipment. The following introduces the safety matters that children need to pay attention to when riding park amusement equipment.

1. Pay attention to the safety inspection mark. According to national regulations, the period of regular inspection of large-scale amusement facilities in use is one year. For large-scale amusement facilities that have passed the safety inspection, the quality supervision department will issue a safety inspection qualification mark and paste it in a conspicuous place of the large-scale amusement facilities. Large-scale amusement facilities that have been regularly inspected or failed to pass inspection.

2. Pay attention to the riding instructions. There are 'Guidelines for Passengers' in the prominent places of large-scale amusement facilities. Please read them carefully before riding, and do not climb over the fence. Passengers must wait outside the safety fence before boarding. When there are many people, line up and must not climb over the fence.

3. Children should be accompanied by their parents, and children are not allowed to ride on large amusement facilities alone.

4. Follow the instructions of the service personnel. Passengers get on and off according to the order of the staff. When getting on and off, pay attention to your head and feet to avoid bumping or falling.

5. Be sure to fasten your seat belt. Don't grab the large amusement facilities before they are stopped. Fasten the seat belt when riding, and check whether it is safe and reliable. When running, please hold the safety handle or other safety device with both hands. The seat belt is not allowed to be unfastened.

6. Do not stick body parts out of the cabin. When passengers take large amusement facilities, they should sit upright on the seat, do not move around, and must not stretch their hands, feet, heads, and other parts out of the cabin to avoid bumps and abrasions. Do not intentionally shake the cabin, and passengers are strictly prohibited from opening the cabin door without permission.

7. Don't stand to take pictures. During the operation of large-scale amusement facilities, it is absolutely forbidden to stand or squat at will, and it is not allowed to take pictures during the operation.

8. Take care of your own items. During operation, you should take good care of your own items, and do not scatter, throw, or easily fall decorations, etc., please take them off in advance.

9. Don't panic in the event of an accident. When large-scale amusement facilities are in operation, when there is a power failure or other failure, do not get off the car before the staff notify you, only in the cockpit is safe, waiting for emergency rescue.

10. Be careful when riding in racing cars and go-karts. Do not wear loose coats, long scarves, long hair or braids when riding a racing car or go-kart, otherwise it is dangerous.

11. Water entertainment should prevent accidents. In surround pools and wave pools, be careful not to stretch your head toward the suction and spout to prevent accidents.

12. Pay attention to safety when playing water slides. It is strictly forbidden to stand, squat or face down on the slide; it is forbidden for two people to slide down at the same time or one after the other in the same slide; after entering the water, you should leave quickly to avoid collision.

The above are the safety matters that children need to pay attention to when riding in the park amusement equipment. Parents should understand it for their children, which is beneficial to both children and parents.
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