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Precautions for purchasing large amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-02
Precautions for purchasing large amusement equipment

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When purchasing large-scale amusement equipment, in addition to paying attention to the legality and safety of the facilities, it is also necessary to understand the manufacturer. Today, I will talk about the choice of equipment manufacturers;

When choosing a manufacturer of amusement facilities, it is necessary to know whether the manufacturer has obtained the equipment manufacturing license and type license, and whether it has effective product research and development, production capacity and quality management control capabilities, etc. detailed explanation;

Licensing requirements; as an amusement park investment operator, when choosing manufacturers, domestic ones are generally considered, and some with strong economic strength will also consider foreign manufacturers;

For domestic enterprises, the manufacturers who hold the amusement equipment manufacturing license issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the license is within the validity period must be selected.

For foreign manufacturers, it is best to choose those amusement equipment manufacturers that have entered the Chinese market, some products have obtained 'type licenses

In order to reduce investment costs, some investors will choose some unlicensed manufacturers for purchase. Here, the editor highlights one point; do not buy and use amusement equipment products produced by unlicensed manufacturers in order to reduce investment costs. The safety of equipment is always related to the safety of tourists. Once an accident occurs, the consequences will be disastrous!!!

Other conditions that large-scale amusement equipment manufacturers must have; the professionalism and technical completeness of the manufacturer's facility team need to be taught, and the production and processing capabilities, conditions and Baoshan management of the production process also need attention.

In addition to the above aspects, it is also necessary to investigate and understand the history, experience and product capability of the manufacturer in producing amusement facilities (especially the situation of the amusement equipment to be purchased), as well as integrity, after-sales service and compensation capacity in case of problems, etc. aspect situation.

Equipment manufacturers in the amusement equipment industry will form their own core competitiveness in some fields, consciously produce specific types of amusement equipment, and gradually improve product performance in the design and manufacturing process.

In fact, experienced amusement park investment operators will find in the procurement process that although some manufacturers do not produce many types of amusement equipment, they have a long production history and are relatively mature in terms of equipment quality. Stable, in fact, these manufacturers can be used as the preferred choice for purchase;

In addition, the reputation of the manufacturer in the industry is particularly important, which is related to the effective guarantee of whether the playground can obtain high-quality after-sales service during the future operation of the equipment.

Coveting whether the price is cheap, thus ignoring the integrity and after-sales service of the equipment manufacturer, will make the buyer greatly increase the investment in the use link in the future operation process, and the safety performance of the equipment will not be guaranteed, resulting in self-inspection And the statutory inspection cannot be passed, which affects the normal operation time of the equipment and causes greater losses.

Also, don't think decisively that the equipment manufacturer who has had an accident cannot choose, it depends on the cause of the accident and whether the equipment manufacturer actively responds to the accident, actively cooperates, and has enough ability to undertake the corresponding Social responsibility, whether it really solves the problem effectively; this is very important!

Objectively treat the situation of large-scale amusement equipment accidents, and understand the work carried out by equipment manufacturers in the process of equipment accidents and disposal. In fact, some manufacturers with a sense of social responsibility can also become candidates.
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