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Precautions for the use of pirate ship tires for outdoor amusement park equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-01-01

 The pirate ship is a common outdoor amusement equipment in modern amusement parks. Generally, it swings from front to back and the swing angle is about plus or minus 45 degrees. Outdoor amusement park equipment, the hull of the pirate ship is powered by an AC motor and is connected to the transmission tires through a belt. The entire driving seat uses a cylinder rod to move up and down to make the tires contact the bottom of the ship and generate friction to make the hull swing back and forth. The 24-seat pirate ship produced by Prodigy Amusement is a Class B observation vehicle amusement equipment, and its design and manufacturing are strictly in accordance with the 'Safety Regulations for Large Amusement Facilities' (GB8408-2018) and 'General Technical Requirements for Observation Vehicles' (GB/T18164) -2020) and other standards. As an important component, tires should be selected and used in compliance with regulations and laws.
   Tire is an important part of outdoor amusement park equipment pirate ship, its main functions are as follows:
  1. Support the weight of the pirate ship and bear the load of the equipment
  2. Transmission of traction and braking torque to ensure equipment adhesion
  3. Reduce the vibration and impact of the equipment during operation, and extend the service life of the equipment. 4. Auxiliary control of the operating speed and swing frequency of the pirate ship
  5. Ensure the smooth operation of equipment
   6. Reduce the operating noise of the equipment.
   outdoor amusement park equipment pirate ship tire selection and installation:
  1. Strictly select tires that meet the standards in accordance with the regulations
  2. Clean the rims and tires of the pirate ship before assembling them, and no debris should be left inside. 3. When the pirate ship tires are combined, soapy water or rubber lubricants can be used as the lubricant, but oil-based lubricants should not be used. 4. Tires and tires The assembly, disassembly and repair of rims must be carried out by certified maintenance workers. Do not dismantle and repair outdoor amusement park equipment. Pirate ship tires should be inflated:
   1. For newly installed tires, first check the fit between the tires and the rim, and confirm that they can be inflated before they are installed. 2. Just after running, wait for the tires to dissipate before inflating
  3. Clean the valve and pay attention to check the valve and door core for irregularities such as irregularities. 4. The inflation gas should be clean and should not contain moisture or oil to avoid deterioration of the inner tube. 5. Check the pressure value of the barometer when inflating. The air pressure must meet the standard to avoid the risk of puncture. 6. After inflation, pay attention to applying soapy water to the valve to check for air leaks and tighten the valve cap. 7. The air pressure gauge should be regularly calibrated to ensure that the inspection is correct.
   outdoor amusement park equipment pirate ship tires use precautions:
   1. Pay attention to whether the tire pressure is normal
   2. Adjust and control the operating speed, starting speed, braking speed, etc. within the normal range 3. Operate according to chapters, and operate the equipment correctly
  4. Pay attention to the temperature changes of tires
  5. Avoid overloading
   6. The aging and scrap management of tires is generally 3 years, depending on the situation. 7. Check and fill in records every day according to chapters.
   8. Any problems should be dealt with in time and a record and summary should be kept.
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