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Pricing standard for the full price of bumper cars

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-16
Pricing standard for the full price of bumper cars

2021/9/26 4:21:06

As a buyer, the problem when purchasing bumper cars is how much does a full set of bumper cars cost, and how much is the investment in a standard bumper car venue. Although the appearance of bumper cars on the market looks roughly the same, the real bumper cars Prices vary.

The decisive factor for the price of a full set of bumper cars is the material standard of the raw materials of the bumper cars. The ground net bumper car is used as an example to illustrate: the basic composition of a ground net bumper car includes tires, glass fiber reinforced plastic shell, motor, IC circuit board, control system, braking system etc., and the important materials that determine the cost of bumper cars are also these constituent materials.

The use of bumper car tires is generally divided into 2 grades. Generally, 15C thick synovial tires are used for registration. Their characteristics are that the new tires look glossy, smooth, and feel smooth and elastic. The disadvantage is that It is easy to blow the tire, especially when it encounters high temperature, it is easy to get a snake belly, and the rubber tire with a registered 25C has a very hard texture, the surface is designed with a graphic bump, and there are tentacles around it. Snake belly, this high-level bumper car tire can meet the needs of the drift control speed of bumper cars. Of course, the price of this kind of tire is about 500 yuan more expensive than the price of 15C bumper car tires. Many domestic bumper car manufacturers in order to run the shipment, They are reluctant to use this tire in order to achieve the effect of reducing costs.

Another material is also one of the important factors in determining the price of bumper cars. It is FRP. The manufacturing process of FRP manufacturers not only determines the thickness, texture, aesthetic appearance, surface smoothness, impact resistance, etc. of FRP, but more importantly, the choice Different processes can directly affect the scrap rate of materials in the production process of FRP. For example, the use of RTM technology in Jinma Amusement can reduce the scrap rate to a level below the industry average, and the production equipment for this process is imported from abroad, and the equipment is purchased The price has reached more than 20 million, which is not something that ordinary amusement equipment manufacturers dare to invest in. This kind of equipment can not only improve production efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs, but more importantly, it can quickly meet the needs of new amusement equipment and customized amusement equipment in the market. Because this kind of equipment is very plastic and inclusive, the shape and characteristics are not a problem.

Therefore, knowing the full price of a set of bumper cars is not only to judge whether the price of a bumper car manufacturer is reasonable based on the appearance, but also to have a deep understanding of the production process, quality stability, long-term service and brand premium ability of the manufacturer.
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