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Rail Train Amusement Equipment Prices

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-12
Rail Train Amusement Equipment Prices

2021/9/23 12:00:26

How to use the track train: The track train must have a motion limiting device. The lifting arm that rotates around the fulcrum of the fixed axis, or the component that swings around the fixed axis, should have limit position limiting devices, which are sensitive and reliable. The rail train should also have a limiting device. When it is driven by a DC motor or has a speed-adjustable system, there must be a speed-limiting device to prevent the set speed, and the speed-limiting device is sensitive and reliable. As a characteristic means of transportation in scenic spots, rail trains are also an important tourist attraction while taking on the function of passenger transport.

The scenic train can integrate multiple scenic spots in the scenic spot, especially for large-scale scenic spots, the scenic spot train is an effective tool to improve the traffic accessibility of each scenic spot. The tourist landscape design along the tourist train should be rich and changeable, and the scenery should be changed every step of the way to give tourists a visually gluttonous meal. The scenic train should have a scenic station along the way. In addition to the necessary tourist facilities, the scenic station should also be equipped with rich Colorful travel activities and projects. The small train can effectively cooperate with other means of transportation, effectively organize the transportation system of the scenic spot, and realize the seamless connection between the scenic spots.

Different from general comprehensive parks, industrial parks should be combined with the characteristics of enterprises to reflect tall, heavy, dense, spectacular, and bold. Different companies have different park orientations and different themes. For example, IT companies advocate high technology, knowledge economy and modern atmosphere, while traditional companies, especially large companies such as Shougang, show the momentum of industrialized mass production. The industrial park creates a unique landscape, a spectacular, jumping, and personalized skyline that is not achieved by ordinary gardens and cannot be seen in other parks.

When there are more than two (or two groups) small railroad trains on the same track, they are equipped with self-control stop braking and buffer devices to prevent collision. The braking stroke of the braking device should be adjustable, and the collision method cannot be used to stop the sliding vehicles. . Compared with the small railroad train, it should be equipped with a braking device. The braking device is stable and reliable, and the braking capacity (force or torque) is ≥ 1.5 times the rated load shaft torque (or impulse). When the power supply is cut off, the braking device should be in the braking state. Status (except special). Railroad train: The rails are laid along both sides of the mountain in the scenic area, and the train wheels and the rails travel together. It is called a railroad train. The railroad train is a standard type of train.
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