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Regarding the inspection of large amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-03-23
Regarding the inspection of large amusement equipment

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Large-scale amusement equipment should be stopped every day in appearance, and the appearance of stains should be cleaned and disinfected, especially children's amusement equipment, and more attention should be paid to children's use hygiene.

Large-scale amusement equipment is routinely inspected before the trial camp is closed every day. Before the trial camp, check whether the wires are bitten, whether there is electricity leakage, whether there is water outside the socket, and other safety accidents such as fire and electric shock. Stop detail viewing and overhaul. The maintenance frequency of large amusement equipment is usually twice a month or once a week. Large-scale amusement equipment is generally made of resin and glass fiber materials. The resin used should have good water resistance and good anti-aging properties.

The maintenance time of large-scale amusement equipment is related to its different types and different application environments. The maintenance time of the equipment also has corresponding standard requirements. For details on how often children's amusement equipment should be maintained, please refer to the types and characteristics of special equipment. depending on technical standards.
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