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Regulations on safe operation of large amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-03-16
Regulations on safe operation of large amusement equipment

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When the large-scale amusement equipment is put into operation in the amusement park, the main person in charge must be familiar with the relevant safety knowledge of the large-scale amusement facilities, and after professional training and assessment, they can be employed after passing the test. In addition, the amusement park must also be equipped with Full-time safety management personnel are responsible for the safety management of amusement facilities. Operating units, safety management agencies and safety management personnel should master the following theoretical basic knowledge:

1. Basic knowledge mainly includes: responsibilities of operators of large-scale amusement facilities; definition and terms of large-scale amusement facilities; classification, classification, structural characteristics, main parameters and movement forms of large-scale amusement facilities; safety voltage; platform service order; large-scale amusement facilities Safe Operating Conditions; Passenger Information.

2. Professional knowledge mainly includes: safety protection device and its setting safety pressure bar; safety belt; safety handle; locking device; anti-return device; limit device; speed limit device; anemometer; buffer device; overpressure Protection devices; other safety protection devices. Color identification of operating system control buttons; emergency button; sound and signal; operating procedures of typical large-scale amusement facilities. Safety inspection safety warning instructions and warning signs; inspection contents before operation; daily inspection items and their contents; operation records. Identification of common faults and abnormal situations in emergency measures for large-scale amusement facilities; typical emergency rescue methods; common first-aid measures; basic treatment methods for large-scale amusement facilities accidents.

3. Legal knowledge mainly includes: 'Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations'; 'Special Equipment Operators Supervision and Management Measures'; 'Special Equipment Operators Assessment Rules'; 'Special Equipment Quality Supervision and Safety Supervision Regulations'; Facility Safety Technical Supervision Regulations (Trial); Regulations for Supervision and Inspection of Amusement Facilities (Trial); Regulations for the Registration and Use of Special Equipment and Standards for Relevant Amusement Facilities.

Warm reminder for large-scale amusement equipment manufacturers: The operation and operation units of large-scale amusement equipment should be equipped with certified operators who meet the requirements of safe operation in accordance with the requirements of safety technical specifications and operation and maintenance instructions, and strengthen pre-job training and education for service personnel, so that It masters basic emergency techniques and assists operators in emergency response.
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