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Requirements for the metal structure of amusement equipment-

by:Jinma Rides     2022-10-28
 Requirements for the metal structure of amusement equipment” 303 times 2019-10-16 14:49:08  High-quality metal structure is the key to all amusement equipment. Only a good metal structure can ensure the safe operation of amusement equipment. Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. introduces the requirements of a downstream amusement equipment to the metal structure for the majority of operators.

Specific requirements for metal structures of amusement equipment:

1. The coating requirements of amusement equipment for metal structures need to meet the anti-rust standards, and only those with good The standard of rust prevention can reduce the phenomenon of corrosion of amusement equipment;

2. For the stressed metal of amusement equipment, the depth of corrosion should be lower than the thickness of the prototype steel. Therefore, Better anti-rust treatment is necessary;

3. Some amusement equipment is equipped with metal tracks, and the wear thickness of these tracks also needs to be strictly controlled.

Therefore, when we operate amusement facilities, we should carry out good maintenance and maintenance of the metal structure to reduce the chance of damage to the amusement facilities.

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