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Research on site selection for park amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-01-16
Research on site selection for park amusement equipment

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The children's paradise project started in 2008 and has entered a golden period of rapid development. From the first-tier cities in China to the third- and fourth-tier counties and towns, children's paradise can be seen. Many people have begun to pay attention to this project. . However, for those who are new to this industry, they are still confused about this project. The author has seen many people who have taken many detours, and even left sadly due to some mistakes in site selection, or even lost their money.

The park amusement equipment summarizes some basic rules, hoping to give some inspiration to the latecomers.

First, about the height and shape of the park

The clear height of the store should be more than 2.8 meters as far as possible, so that the sense of space of the whole store can be reflected, and it looks open and comfortable (many of the naughty bags and amusement equipment are more than 2.8 meters, it is conceivable that the effect is too short if the height is too short.) At the same time, there should be as few columns as possible in the area of u200bu200bthe store, and the shape of the site should be as regular as possible, so that the utilization rate of the site is high. The next professional term is explained here. The clear height of the store refers to the distance from the lowest point of the roof to the ground. Of course, there are some other precautions that will be introduced one by one in the related cases in the future.

Second, the floor location of the park

Floors 1 to 3 (other floors have restrictions on fire protection and are not allowed to be used as children's playgrounds), this is the top priority. In the past few years, I have been engaged in the indoor children's playground industry because of fire protection problems. I have seen many things without a return, and I deeply regret it. I hope that those who come later must pay attention.

Third, several typical storefronts in the park

Suggestions for the location of the store: In the past few years, the typical forms of the park have the following four types. First, supermarket stores (large shopping malls, supermarkets, shopping centers, it is recommended to choose the best location in the children's market area, so that the target customers Relatively concentrated); the second community store (large community or residential area): the third street-facing store (commercial street, pedestrian street); the fourth square store (street-facing stores in the activity square). However, in terms of actual operation, the cost performance ratio of the latter three is not very high. Generally, it is not recommended to choose, but it is not necessarily impossible to choose, but specific problems need to be analyzed in detail.

Fourth, the lease term of the park

The lease period of park amusement equipment is recommended to be more than three years. The reason for this suggestion is caused by a cost recovery period of the indoor children's park. Generally speaking, the return cycle of indoor parks is generally three months to one year. Of course, it is not ruled out that one month's return and one year's return are not excluded. Ben's extreme case. If the lease term is short, it is a big loss to our profits.

Fifth, the location and rent of the park

The rent of the park is undoubtedly the key to the success of the park's early opening. The location must be good. The so-called location selection is to choose the location and choose our potential consumers. Generally speaking, a good location is a place with a large flow of people and many potential customers; at the same time, it is about the rent issue, of course, this is not wordy, of course, we try to talk about the lowest.

Sixth, the choice of new and old business

Personally, I think that the old business is the first choice, because the old business has a mature business atmosphere and has an immediate commercial effect. Here, it is not to say that the new business cannot be selected as the support for the paradise, but the new business must check the surrounding residents. rate, the positioning of the new business, the success rate of the new business and other factors.
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