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Take you out of the dead end of the disassembly of amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-03-02

Is there any solution to the small problem of indoor amusement equipment disassembly and maintenance? Of course, the editor will tell you!

Screws and nuts are indispensable parts of amusement equipment, which play the role of connection and fixation. When the equipment fails to start operation, it is necessary for the maintenance personnel to disassemble and repair the internal parts. During the process, you will encounter some small problems with screws and nuts. Here are some tips to solve them.

1. Removal of broken head screws

Drill holes on the screw, drive the multi-stone quenched steel cone, and unscrew the screw. Pay attention not to hit too hard to prevent damage to the parent thread. If the screw is broken in the center of the broken end below the surface of the machine part, tap the counter-rotation thread in the hole and use the corresponding counter-rotation screw or tap to unscrew it; if the screw is broken above the surface of the machine part, it can be broken in Add welding screws to the head, or use a hacksaw to cut out a groove on the protruding broken head, and then screw it out with a screwdriver. Use a drill to drill out the screws of the entire amusement park equipment, replace the screws with a slightly larger diameter than the original, and select the corresponding nuts.

2. Removal of rusted screws

Tap the surrounding of the screws (screw bolts, nuts, etc.) by hand to shatter the rust layer, and then unscrew it; the amusement equipment manufacturer can first twist a little in the tightening direction, and then twist it in the opposite direction, so that the reverse step is tightened. Pour some kerosene around the screw, or put cotton yarn dipped in kerosene, and infiltrate it for about 20 minutes. Use the strong penetration force of kerosene to penetrate into the rust layer, gradually loosen the thread and then unscrew it.

If the above methods are ineffective, if the playground equipment parts allow, you can use a blowtorch to quickly heat the nut or around the thread to expand the parts or nut, and then quickly screw

3. Disassembly of group threaded connections

For the disassembly of grouped threaded connections, in addition to disassembling according to the method of single thread, the following points must be done: first, loosen each bolt 1~2 times, and then follow the regulations around the middle diagonal line one by one. Disassemble, so as not to concentrate the force on the latter screw body, causing difficulty in disassembly or deformation and damage of parts. The parts that are difficult to disassemble should be disassembled first.

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