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Tall wooden roller coaster rides

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-09
Tall wooden roller coaster rides

2021/9/18 6:00:17

The roller coaster is 3,500 feet long and reaches a high point of 105 feet (32 meters). At first, the carriage slowly ascends, then descends suddenly, reaching speeds of up to 57 miles per hour. Passengers then go through a series of rolls, sharp turns and loops.

The wooden roller coaster of East China University made a wonderful appearance, and the project welcomed a batch of human conquerors. According to the manufacturer of roller coaster amusement equipment, the roller coaster rises and falls rapidly, and has experienced various twists and turns. The height is 32 meters above the ground, which can bring a high speed experience of 91 kilometers per hour. The whole journey is 1060 meters. Howling Journey.

The manufacturer of roller coaster amusement equipment reminds you that you need to ride the roller coaster according to the actual situation.

Eight Rings Suspended Roller Coaster_Large Amusement Equipment

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