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Teach you how to avoid misunderstandings in the operation of children's amusement equipment and move towards success

by:Jinma Rides     2021-08-18
The prospects for children’s amusement equipment are very good. Many investors cannot find operational defects when they first enter the industry. Over time, problems appear in the operating conditions. Some of the fixed thinking errors have a great impact. Today I will teach you how to avoid them. Open the misunderstanding of children's amusement equipment business to success! Misunderstanding 1-Parents who want to apply for a card will naturally do it. Some children's playground employees are not good at selling monthly store cards and package tickets to parents. They are too passive when doing sales. They think that parents will naturally do it if they want to apply for a card. The idea is that it cannot bring higher profits to the park. Therefore, operators should encourage employees to become proactive, proactively introduce the advantages of children's playgrounds to consumers, and publicize the benefits of card application, etc., so that customers will be interested in applying for park discount cards and quickly recover costs. Misunderstanding 2-The more equipment, the more attractive the customers. In fact, the best venue planning is the best. It is true that more equipment can attract customers’ stay time, but it should be matched according to the size of the venue, and each equipment should be properly matched. The passage is reserved for tourists to watch, which can attract the interest of tourists and increase profitability. If it is just to blindly increase the equipment without reserving space, it will only give customers a sense of disorder and congestion, which will affect the amusement experience. Misunderstanding 3-Only operate the recently popular amusement projects. Some operators will go into such a misunderstanding, blindly follow the trend, and choose whatever children's amusement projects are popular recently, such as seeing others doing luxury carousel, watermelon flying chairs, The high-speed train is very profitable, so I followed suit. Sometimes, because of the effect of industrial agglomeration, if the amusement projects operated are too similar, it will cause unnecessary competition and separate customer groups. Therefore, in the face of a dazzling array of amusement projects on the market, operators must not only observe whether they have new ideas, but also understand the market conditions and combine with their own circumstances to open an indoor children's playground that suits the local amusement needs. Misunderstanding 4-Blindly compressing costs and causing safety hazards. Regarding the safety of children’s amusement equipment, the safety of children’s amusement equipment has always been the top priority. The 'Quality Law' stipulates that all products produced and sold in China should be marked with the factory name, site and certificate, and Clearly standardized Chinese characters should be used. It is the operator's wise move to choose safe and environmentally friendly amusement equipment.
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