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The amusement equipment company will give you an inventory of common causes of failure-

by:Jinma Rides     2022-10-26
 Amusement equipment company will give you an inventory of common failure reasons. 169 times 2019-10-15 09:30:36  We can see amusement equipment in many places: amusement parks, squares, temple fairs, large shopping malls, etc. In the final analysis, large-scale amusement equipment is still mechanical equipment, no matter how good the quality is, it will fail for various reasons. Today, the amusement equipment company will give you an inventory of common causes of failure!
1. The problems of amusement equipment itself

There are many types of large-scale amusement equipment, such as common new-type self-controlled airplanes, luxury carousels, etc., but as people’s needs are still increasing, There are more and more amusement equipment manufacturers, which makes the manufacturers in the amusement industry vary from good to bad, and the quality of product materials is different. This leads to various problems in the amusement equipment itself. This time reflects the importance of the old brand of amusement equipment manufacturers!

Second, improper operation by the staff, and delay in maintenance and maintenance

As we all know, most of the amusement equipment are privately contracted, and only a very small number of amusement equipment belong to the unit For example, the scenic sightseeing train, the repair and maintenance of amusement equipment are not professionals, and they do not have a thorough understanding of the operating principles of amusement equipment. A momentary negligence causes accidents. The most terrible thing is that some staff are not responsible. Before the equipment is operated Not undergoing strict safety inspections, such as:
①. Passenger notices are placed around the amusement equipment. Passengers are not reminded of safety precautions before the amusement equipment is activated.

②. The device was turned on suddenly, and the passengers were not mentally prepared. 

③. Small problems of amusement equipment do not care, no timely maintenance and maintenance, business as usual in order to make money.

3. Tourists’ own reasons 

1. Did not read the safety precautions carefully before riding the equipment.

2. The excitement during the ride on the amusement equipment leads to safety violations

3. The amusement equipment does not listen to the notification of the staff

4. Do not take safety measures when riding amusement equipment, and deliberately expose body parts (hands, feet, head), such as: extend your hands when riding a luxury carousel, and do not wear seat belts when riding a pirate ship. Stand up and wait deliberately! 

5. Tourists use their feet to stamp or kick the amusement equipment while riding the amusement equipment, causing the amusement equipment to malfunction.
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