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The amusement equipment factory teaches you eight measures to ensure the normal operation of the equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-23
The amusement equipment factory teaches you eight measures to ensure the normal operation of the equipment

2021/9/26 11:24:06

With the growing development of the amusement industry, the relevant personnel of the amusement equipment factory said that the normal operation of the amusement park and the amusement equipment has become a problem for more and more operators and customers. So, to prevent equipment failure, what measures are needed to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and ensure the safety of tourists and equipment?

1. According to the maintenance management system recommended by the amusement equipment factory, the maintenance personnel should carry out equipment maintenance according to the work flow. Maintenance personnel must undergo strict training before taking up their posts. It is necessary to select some maintenance personnel with high quality and strong sense of responsibility to maintain the equipment;

2. The equipment file recommended by the amusement equipment factory. Some important data can be consulted at any time to avoid mistakes in maintenance and improve the efficiency of maintenance work

3. The amusement equipment factory establishes an equipment evaluation system. Make a scientific evaluation of the performance of the device. Establish an equipment risk assessment system, through equipment assessment, so that management and maintenance personnel have an understanding of the risk sources of equipment.

4. The established equipment inspection process can reliably complete the daily, weekly, and monthly annual inspection of the equipment and the usual maintenance work. In the daily maintenance of equipment, it is necessary to check and replace the parts that should be replaced, so as not to leave hidden troubles to the equipment.

5. Establish emergency rescue plans. The dangerous state that the failure may cause should be analyzed in advance, and then the best rescue plan should be formulated.

6. Establish a file database of equipment failure cases. It can improve the management level of equipment management personnel; it can improve the quality of maintenance personnel and improve the efficiency of troubleshooting; it can be used as a training course for maintenance personnel to improve the maintenance level of maintenance personnel; it can effectively check the hidden troubles in advance and protect the lives of tourists; It can provide real and effective data for management's scientific decision-making.

7. Optimize the personnel changing system to avoid mental exhaustion and boredom. The amusement equipment factory recommends a scientific shift schedule, which can greatly reduce the error probability of the operator's work.

8. Organize education training and accident case analysis seminars to increase crisis awareness and streamline work processes. Thoroughly analyze the accident responsibility and interests, and form a mechanical memory of the security inspection process.
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