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The benefits of park play equipment on children's physical and mental development

by:Jinma Rides     2022-01-20
The benefits of park play equipment on children's physical and mental development

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According to expert research, the vestibular system in the human nervous system (system) plays a role in detecting gravity, maintaining body balance and promoting the development of other nervous systems. Features. Therefore, when the vestibular system is dysfunctional, it not only affects the child's balance and motor responses, but also reduces learning. Therefore, how to use children's park play equipment to help children develop the function of the vestibular system is very worthy of attention. Children's play equipment (shèbèi), usually including (bāokuò) naughty castles, as well as swinging and climbing equipment such as swings and slides; rocking cars; children's carousel; bouncy castles; Huaguo Mountain rafting; fierce war shark island; magic top ; especially turning to cups, etc. Water park equipment Most recreational facilities are related to water. Common amenities include: water slides, wave equipment, lazy river, water skis, skateboards and interactive water houses. These park play equipment can promote the development of various children's nervous systems, including vestibular nervous system, motor nervous system, tactile nervous system, etc.

(1) Vibration and acceleration activities. If the play equipment is more than 1 meter above the ground, the closed cockpit door must have two locking devices that cannot be opened by the passengers or a safety locking device. Obstacles at entrances and exits to non-enclosed cockpits should also have secured locking devices. Devices for this activity (shèbèi) have swing slides, swing machines, electric toys, etc. in the playful castle. After the baby can sit still, he can ride a horse, sit on an electric toy or slide a slide, and stimulate the vestibular system with a lot of acceleration and sudden decrease in speed, so that the child's neural pathways are unblocked. After the age of 3, he can also make him swing, slide, and ride the little train, so they can have endless fun in feeling the speed increase and decrease.

(2) Rotation activities. The water park equipment uses a blown hull with surrounding airbags wrapped as buoyancy aids to float on the water. A new type of DC-driven propeller to generate electricity for the new amusement equipment; the hull is animal-shaped according to children's preferences, with built-in electromagnetic electronic time manager, remote control and MP3 audio equipment. Equipment (shèbèi) has horses, tracks and other trains. Most kids enjoy holding spins, but some kids are afraid of spins because their brains can't adapt to spin stimulation. Therefore, when children with rotation fear play kindergarten slides, do not force them to play games that rotate too fast, but play games with large arcs and slow rotations, such as sitting on a small train to adjust the vestibular system. Slowly strengthen it. Kids who love spinning can let them play these spinning activities. For children who particularly like to spin, because their vestibular system is under-responsive to stimulus input, they can make them sit more and spin quickly so that the slower vestibular system can get stronger stimulation and help normalize.

(3) Activities for gravity and balance. The equipment (shèbèi) for this activity has climbing ladders, bouncy castles, naughty castles, etc. Fighting against gravity, it is one of the survival instincts of animals that grow on Earth. Infants and toddlers also need to learn from a variety of play activities to determine their relationship to the ground, to establish a sense of balance and to develop visuospatial concepts
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