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The difference between new amusement equipment and characteristic amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-10-23
The difference between new amusement equipment and characteristic amusement equipment 651 times If you live with children to play, if many children are willing to come to your playground every day, then your playground is profitable; on the contrary, then the business can only be described in plain terms. So for managers of playgrounds, how can they make their playgrounds attract the attention of children? We need some unique amusement equipment.
Many friends may confuse a concept: that is the concept of new amusement equipment and special amusement equipment. First of all, correct everyone. Take children's amusement equipment as an example. New children's amusement equipment is not necessarily a special equipment, and characteristic amusement equipment is not necessarily a new type of equipment. There is no absolute relationship between the two. In a sense, The two can point to the same device, or they can point to different levels.
So for playground administrators, if they want the playground to make more money, in addition to paying attention to the price of children’s amusement equipment, they also need to see if this equipment is placed in their own playground. The playground looks more distinctive.
For playground managers, everyone must first understand one thing: that is, parents are the money bags for children when they play. If your playground can't arouse children's interest in playing, then parents will definitely not come. Your amusement park pays for consumption, and now the amusement park pays attention to the mode of repeated consumption. If most of the old customers feel that the amusement equipment in your park has no characteristics, it will be difficult to attract them to repeat consumption. Natural business It's hard to do it for a long time.

And the characteristic children’s amusement equipment can not only effectively arouse children’s interest in playing, but more importantly, it can stick to the children’s play heart, and the characteristic amusement equipment also Being able to make the entire amusement park unique, it will help to shape its own brand image, and it will also make the amusement park business better and better. In the future, more people will see the amusement park. When making money like this, it also helps to do chain brand operations.
So whether the new children's amusement equipment can play the role of special equipment, it is still possible. Because first of all, because of the novel shape of new amusement equipment, it can easily attract more tourists' attention and come to play. For tourists who have not played before, they will also be willing to try to feel the wonder of the new amusement equipment. Attract more tourists to come to play. In addition, the price of new children’s amusement equipment is not too expensive. Basically, the price of about 60,000 to 70,000 yuan can be obtained. In addition, the current market for new amusement equipment is not fierce. If the amusement park managers can buy it early, Relatively speaking, there will be a stronger competitive advantage.

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