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The family roller coaster is coming, are you ready?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-08
The family roller coaster is coming, are you ready?

2021/9/18 4:04:36

The family parent-child roller coaster newly developed by Jinma Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. in 2017 has successfully passed the test and is also ready to launch this parent-child roller coaster to everyone. This equipment is jointly developed by the roller coaster amusement equipment manufacturer Jinma amusement equipment R&D team and a well-known Italian amusement equipment design agency, which has aroused the expectations of major operators in the market.

small roller coaster

A track of this family roller coaster can generally be made of 7-8 cockpits, and the number of cabins can also be ordered according to the length of the track. Ordinary roller coaster amusement equipment can accommodate 12-14 passengers. This roller coaster can accommodate up to 14- 16 people. Each cabin is composed of an adult and a child. The seats for adults and children have different designs and changes. The seats are designed with different heights. The height of children who need to be accompanied by parents is 90 cm, and the height of children who ride alone is 105 cm. . The speed of the train is 11.5m/s-25.7mph, and the theoretical power per hour is 326 and 520 PPH. During the operation of the roller coaster, both adults and children will experience the excitement and no fear of the device, which makes people feel pleasing to the eyes. .

The family parent-child roller coaster is also designed with an offline cartoon shape, which is very popular with children, girls, teenagers, parents and children. It is also the purchase plan of the major amusement park family parent-child amusement projects.
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