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The impact of new amusement equipment on playground business

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-26
The impact of new amusement equipment on playground business

2019-10-30 116 times

There are more and more amusement parks now, which proves that the prospect of new amusement equipment is very good, but at the same time, there is a problem, that is, there are many similar amusement equipment, which leads to the competition of similar types. Great, but Xiu'an has solved this problem for everyone, that is, to buy novel amusement equipment. We have launched several new amusement equipment. As for its price, you must be more concerned about it. You can learn about it through our introduction. .

An amusement park requires diversified equipment, not only to be innovative, but also to be novel enough to be more competitive and attract more players to play. Do not repeat similar amusement equipment, this is one of our Business focus. We Xiu'an have launched several newer amusement equipment for everyone. Operators who want to put new ones on the playground or need to replace them must look carefully!

First of all, we have self-control, and we have launched the interplanetary plane. We have greatly improved the shape and gameplay of this device, and the shape is more cool. We use the shape of the spaceship, which is now more popular. A style that kids love. And a lot of accessories are added, especially the LED lights are more dazzling at night. The number of passengers in this amusement equipment is relatively large. The standard version of the aircraft is mainly 6-arm, but it can be customized and can be made into There is no problem with the 8-arm, the number of passengers is guaranteed, and the earning ability is not to mention.

The second is the rotating type. We have a marine flying chair which is a new type of flying chair. This flying chair is in the shape of the ocean. The cockpit and the center column are both marine series. There are sea stars, jellyfish, turtles, crabs and other marine animals, and the cockpit is even more peculiar. It is in the shape of a shell, and children are very happy to sit on it.

Next is the track mini shuttle. There are several mini shuttle shapes, such as the high-speed rail shape, animals are our new models and our main amusement park equipment. We secretly tell you that our cockpit shape can be customized. It can also be customized according to the size of your venue, and children love such track-like equipment.

The above are all kinds of new amusement equipment introduced by Xiaobian today. Only if your new amusement equipment is attractive, can your amusement park attract more customers!
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