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The importance of seat belts to children's play equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2021-08-24
When playing with children’s amusement equipment, the staff of the amusement factory remind consumers that wearing seat belts is the same as when driving. Seat belts are even more important when playing with particularly exciting children’s amusement equipment. When we are taking children to play, we must not neglect the use of seat belts because of the high safety of children's amusement equipment. So the editor hereby reminds all parents, remember to take good care of your children when they play with amusement equipment.
By using seat belts, you can prevent sudden failure of children's amusement equipment, or the suspension of operations due to some reasons. The amusement equipment of a certain amusement park is automatically powered off and stopped due to a cigarette butt. At this time, there is no inertia effect, which is prone to accidents.
If you wear a seat belt, you can avoid accidents, such as rail trains and carousels. It seems very safe, but its safety is also safer under the conditions of this operation. If the power is suddenly cut off and the operation is stopped, the child on the revolving horse will have a forward inertia. After the revolving horse stops rotating, the child will still move forward, which makes it easy to knock. After wearing the seat belt, if the carousel stops rotating, the seat belt will have a backward pulling force, which can prevent the child from knocking due to inertia.
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