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The mat of children's amusement equipment chooses polyester material for good wear resistance

by:Jinma Rides     2021-08-07
  Polypropylene material. If the floor mat of children's amusement equipment is made of polypropylene, the cost performance is very high, because polypropylene material is relatively cheap; acrylic material. If the children's amusement equipment chooses acrylic floor mats, it will be more soft and comfortable, but the wear resistance is relatively poor.

   Polyester material. The abrasion resistance of the mat of this material is also relatively good, and the heat resistance is also relatively good; nylon material. The mat of this material has better abrasion resistance and is easier to clean, but the disadvantage is that it is prone to deformation.

   Electricity safety: Children's amusement equipment in amusement parks, electric appliances, such as floor fans, portable grinders, hand drills and other electric tools must be installed with a leakage protection switch to implement stand-alone protection. If someone gets an electric shock, do not use your hands to pull the shocked person. Turn on the power switch or use a dry wooden stick or bamboo pole to open the wire as soon as possible. Use correct artificial respiration to rescue the scene immediately. A licensed electrician shall be responsible for the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment of children's amusement equipment.

The design of amusement equipment is constantly improving and innovating. The safety hazards that should be avoided in the design of amusement equipment are as follows:

  1. It is possible to pinch the hands, feet, arms and legs of children , First-class parts must be eliminated;

  2, swing machines, bumper cars, etc. must consider the cushioning performance of amusement equipment;

  3, metal parts are not allowed to have sharp exposed parts, For example, screws, etc., in case the child’s clothes are hung on and will cause harm to the child, the exposed part can be covered with a cover;

   4. When selecting materials, use high performance, high quality and durability. Good materials;

   Nowadays, the education of children in our country is not only reflected in learning. In the new era, parents’ views on education have been further improved. Not only are they asking their children to study hard and improve their academic performance, but they also want their children to be happy, and hope that they can feel the joy of childhood outside of their studies. Therefore, many amusement parks provide a lot of beneficial amusement equipment, such as self-controlled airplanes, carousels, and so on. Because some new type of amusement equipment can be beneficial to the development of children’s brains, it is because playing with these amusement equipment can make them excited and their brains will become more flexible. At the same time, the combination of work and rest is also very good for children, and Proper exercise is also conducive to the health of children.
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