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The new amusement equipment encounters holidays, and it should be as follows in case of emergency.

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-25
The new amusement equipment encounters holidays, and it should be as follows in case of emergency.

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A kingdom where children grow up and play happily, a new type of amusement equipment for children's playgrounds; the correct way to open parent-child interaction in modern families, a good place to avoid traffic jams on weekends and holidays.

Where there are people, there will be problems, and there will be more problems in places with many people. In the lively children's playground, how should we deal with the following emergencies?

The first type: What should I do if I encounter a child's injury?

Make room at the scene and let the injured customer stay on the spot to check the injury condition first. At this time, employees should appease customers, ask customers about their injuries, and if they are younger children, ask their parents. Preliminary definition of the degree of injury.

If there is the possibility of serious fall, dislocation, limb fracture, encounter various emergencies? It is necessary to do on-site protection, and stop or close the running equipment as needed. Non-fractured wounded can be given simple treatment on the spot first, while fractured wounded should not be moved easily to avoid secondary injuries. They should be comforted on the spot and treated by medical personnel on the spot.

Immediately report the situation to the duty manager, assist in starting the emergency plan, and call the medical emergency number 120 to the scene for assistance if necessary.

The second type: How to deal with disputes between customers?

First try to stop the two parties and separate them, and promptly bring them to a quiet place for mediation. At the same time, the onlookers were evacuated to calm the development of the situation and ensure the normal operation and good order in the park.

If the incident escalates to require on-site evidence collection or witness testimony, employees should immediately go to the background to check the incident process of the monitoring records, and ask the on-site witnesses to make a brief record first.

The two parties involved still have a dispute after mediation. The employees of the park, as the venue manager, need to call the police immediately for help, actively cooperate with the police to monitor and collect evidence, and collect evidence from witnesses, collect and record evidence in a timely manner, and assist the police in producing evidence on behalf of the park as a third party. .

The third type: How to deal with the children's playground when customers are stolen?

Make a calm analysis first, and clarify the appearance of the stolen property, the time and place of loss. Ask the witnesses at the scene and try to return to the original route.

Check the monitoring, carefully observe the suspicious persons and behaviors at the scene of the incident and record them first for monitoring and witness collection.

If the search fails for more than 15 minutes, first record the specific description of the lost property, as well as the customer's name and contact information, and ask for the customer's opinion whether they are willing to help them find it within a week and then contact them to pick it up.

If customers have stolen valuables such as mobile phones, wallets or jewelry, they can help them to report to 110 if they ask customers for help. The park should actively cooperate with the police to assist in collecting evidence.

The fourth type: What should I do if the parents of the children are separated?

First to appease the child's emotions, ask the child's name, and observe the characteristics of the child's clothing, older children can ask their parents' mobile phone numbers for records;

Secondly, arrange for the employees of the park to broadcast a broadcast within the park to find their parents, and try to call their parents' mobile phone numbers to get in touch;

In the end, if the above search for more than 15 minutes is unsuccessful, and immediately check the monitoring to find and identify the parents, and call the police for help.

The safety and maintenance of children's playgrounds cannot be ignored. It is an important guarantee for every parent-child family. As the operator of the new amusement equipment park, we have a heavy responsibility to let the children come happily and go home safely.
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