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The novelty and popularity of indoor children's amusement facilities is a priority when selecting equipment items-

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-10
What are the indoor children's amusement facilities? Nowadays, children are increasingly becoming the core of a family. The phenomenon of a child with six adults has become more and more common in China, especially in first- and second-tier cities. This has made many people see the development prospects of children's parks. For those who want to invest or join children's parks, novelty and popularity are their priority when choosing equipment projects. Do you know which amusement equipment is the latest and most popular? In addition to children's naughty castles and beach treasure hunts, what do you know? Next, I will share with you new indoor children's amusement projects, hoping to help you choose equipment. Indoor children What are the amusement projects? The Children's Vocational Experience Hall can let children have a good and healthy imitation object. Children can work hard in the Children's Vocational Experience Hall, experience the practical significance of earning money from work, spending money, etc., and can also feel the actual every aspect of life. It is very popular with children and parents and is one of the popular indoor children's playgrounds. The most thrilling and most exciting devil slide project, let children and parents never get tired of playing. But parents don't have to worry about the safety of their children at all! There are tall guardrails on both sides of the devil slide, and each type of devil slide has requirements for the age and physical condition of the children. In addition, in order to meet the different needs of children of all ages. The devil slide is divided into three types: two-stage slide, wave slide and 90; right-angle slide, which are suitable for young children and older children. Children are natural climbers. During the process of learning to walk, they always like to climb surrounding objects such as tables and chairs, door ladders, trees, and walls. Rock climbing is a popular sport that integrates exploration, competition, fitness, entertainment and viewing, and integrates strength, courage, wisdom, fashion and beauty. It is both thrilling and safe. It is also one of the amusement projects that children love. Compared with outdoor rock climbing, indoor rock climbing is more controllable. Indoor rock climbing has been loved by people as soon as it appeared. Here, you can make the most of the thrill of climbing and challenge your own limits. Little warriors, come on if you dare. Interactive projection games have been very popular in the children's amusement industry in recent years. They are mainly used in shopping malls, indoor amusement parks and other entertainment venues, which can not only greatly improve people's interactive entertainment experience, but also bring objective profits to businesses. Interactive equipment such as interactive projection slides, interactive ball smashing games, interactive projection beaches, interactive projection trampolines, and interactive magic oceans instantly make the venue full of technology and is one of the rare bursting projects. Jumping on the super trampoline is a child's nature~ What if you don't have a good opportunity to release it? Since the super trampoline came into existence, there has been a nationwide upsurge of people playing trampolines. Adults and children can have fun together. Of course, the children's park cannot lack the super trampoline. There are entertainment areas such as free jumping area, slam dunk area, volleyball area, sponge pool area and confrontation area, which can fully satisfy the entertainment of people of all ages, The multiple needs of socializing and fitness can also meet the needs of interesting activities organized by the company, team development training and other needs. Both fitness and fun. With the growth and younger age of urban sports groups, the classification of children's sports has become more specialized. Children's expansion adventure is the product of the combination of sports, entertainment and education, which is conducive to promoting the overall development of children's physical and intellectual abilities. Because of its strong playability, strong challenge and excitement, it is deeply loved by older children. For example: Adventure Park, Time Tunnel, Drilling through Netcom, Crossing the Mazhuang, Hand of Angels, Survival on the Precipice, Breaking the World... Just look at the names of these games, I believe that children are already yearning for them. Different gameplays are slightly challenging. The combination of multiple games is very playable. The projects that children like to play are of course very popular, and they are favored by many investors due to their low investment, small footprint, and simple operation methods.
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