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The placement of children's amusement equipment should follow the principle of complementarity

by:Jinma Rides     2021-08-06
Generally speaking, for high popularity or children's amusement equipment, it is better to place them in a more conspicuous place. This not only increases the popularity of the playground, but also allows children's amusement equipment to be known to tourists in a short period of time.
The second is to follow the principle of complementarity when placing them. Buying different types of amusement items in the same playground, such as bumper cars and pirate ships, can increase the spending power of tourists. This is A particularly critical aspect.
When placing different types of children's amusement equipment, pay attention to the distance, so as to ensure the safety of tourists during the play, and also make the layout of the amusement park in place to give people a clear feeling. The planning and design of amusement parks and product placement must fully consider every detail, and tailor-made plans are given according to customer requirements and the actual site. The serious and rigorous work attitude can be seen from this.
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