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The pros and cons of imitating new amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-25
The pros and cons of imitating new amusement equipment

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In the new amusement equipment industry, there has been mutual reference and imitation from the very beginning. Most new amusement equipment products are developed by imitating foreign products, especially the initial period of design and production of each new amusement equipment. , is this a good or bad thing?

1. The new amusement equipment draws on the 'profit' of imitation. The advent of a new product, how to make its rapid development and influence among the public, must be inseparable from promotion. The reference and imitation of other manufacturers have promoted the products to the greatest extent and speed. With the increase of manufacturers, the popularity and influence of the products have been improved. With the increase of manufacturers, sales channels and market awareness have been increased, which is its advantage.

2. The new amusement equipment draws on the 'disadvantage' of imitation. If a new product is imitated too much, it will speed up the market saturation and reduce its market value and profit. When the saturation increases and the market value and profit drop to a certain level, it will promote the product development to decline. Especially the products in the amusement equipment industry, the replacement is fast; the golden period of a new type of amusement equipment in the market development may only be one or two years or even shorter, and the reference and imitation of too many manufacturers will accelerate the product into a recession period.

3. The advantages and disadvantages are mutually restricting and influencing each other, so where is the way out? The new amusement equipment can promote the development of the product by borrowing and imitating, but at the same time borrowing and imitating is not the same as plagiarism, absorbing the advantages of other amusement equipment manufacturers and then innovating , it is the last word to make the product better meet the needs of the market.

The pros and cons of the new amusement equipment imitating should be viewed from the two aspects of 'pros' and 'cons'. If it promotes the development and prosperity of the industry, it is a benefit, and if it hinders the development of the industry, it is a disadvantage.
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