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The purchase of new amusement equipment must have strong entertainment

by:Jinma Rides     2021-12-30

  The new type of amusement equipment should have strong entertainment, so that passengers will be very interested in seeing the amusement equipment. The operator's goal in purchasing equipment from amusement equipment manufacturers is to make a profit. If few people come to play, it will definitely affect the interests of operators. Once a bad reputation is formed, there will be no market for this commodity in the future. Any new type of product should include the concept of innovation, because the new concept of amusement equipment innovation is mainly embodied in two aspects: one is the innovation of business methods; the other is the surface innovation of amusement equipment.
   When designing construction drawings for any new amusement equipment, the legality of its operation, the selection and application of each component should be considered, which may constitute false notifications, the degree of protection during operation, and dangerous water equivalence.
   Now when I go to the playground to play pros and cons, I often care about the hygiene of children’s amusement equipment, so you must pay attention to it when cleaning. If it is not clean, it will leave a bad impression on the user, so next time you play, The first thing they think of is not here. This article introduces the cleaning methods of different materials of various small amusement equipment.
   1. Suppose this is an indoor playground. The ground, walls, etc., are disinfected with ultraviolet rays every day, the indoor air is often ventilated, and it is disinfected with hydrogen peroxide once a week. In order to ensure the health and safety of children, operators of children's amusement equipment will certainly not be idle, and good games will make passengers feel very happy and relaxed. Next time they want to play, they will think of us first.
  2. The soft sponge part can be cleaned with a soft cloth soaked in soapy water or disinfected in the sun; the wooden part can be washed with soap foam and then disinfected with a disinfectant. It is heat-resistant, moisture-proof, and non-fading.
  3. Plastic and glass fiber can be diluted and soaked with soapy water, disinfectant washing powder, bleaching powder, etc., scrubbed with a soft cloth or soft brush, rinsed and washed with water, then dried or dried with a clean cloth, and finally 84 Disinfectant solution disinfection.
  4. When cleaning, the electrical part of the circuit must be turned off steadily. It is forbidden to clean with water directly, wipe with a damp cloth, and then connect the power supply after the power is dry.
  5. The metal parts can be used to brush and bleach the embroidery, then wipe with a dry cloth, spray paint after drying, spray paint after drying, wash after drying, and disinfect after drying. (3) The metal parts can be brushed to remove the floating embroidery, dried and then wiped with a dry cloth, sprayed after drying, sprayed after drying, and sprayed after drying and disinfection.
   The plastic part and glass fiber can be diluted and soaked with soapy water, disinfectant washing powder, bleaching powder, etc., scrubbed with a soft cloth or soft brush, rinsed with water, dried or dried with a clean cloth, and finally disinfected with 84 disinfectant. The soft sponge can be wiped with a soft cloth and soapy water, or it can be disinfected in the sun. Moisture-resistant, heat-resistant, and color-fast wood blocks can be washed with soap bubbles after drying, and then sprayed with 84 disinfectant for disinfection.
   If rust removal is required on the metal part, the floating rust can be removed with a brush. Wipe it with a dry cloth. After exposure to the sun, use a colorless self-spray paint to sweep and spray it at a distance of about 20 cm. After it dries, spray it again to protect it. Wash, dry, and disinfect after the paint is completely dry. When cleaning part of Naughty Castle’s electrical appliances, first make sure that the power is cut off and watering is prohibited. Generally, wipe it with a damp cloth and connect it to the power supply after it has dried. Water, if any, needs to be drained by punching a hole with a diameter of 4 mm at the lowest point.
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