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The quality control of the equipment installation process is an important part of the safe operation of children's play equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-14
The safety and manufacture of children's play equipment are closely related to the quality of installation. The quality control of the equipment installation process is an important part of the safe operation of children's play equipment. However, some amusement equipment factories do not work well. They do not comply with construction quality plans and construction technical documents. Process control is not strict, resulting in random installation process. There are too many genders, and it is difficult to guarantee the installation accuracy and quality. Due to installation and shipping, large rides cannot be shipped from the factory. Some important structural steel parts must be assembled and welded on site. If the on-site installer does not follow the construction process, it will inevitably cause serious hidden dangers.

Strictly review the technical information of entertainment facilities, confirm the integrity, correctness and consistency of equipment-related materials, and confirm the physical and data consistency of equipment to ensure the integrity of materials and objects.

Overseeing the installation process is the core issue. In the inspection process, it is often found that during the installation process, due to large processing errors, the filler material may increase at will, resulting in welding stress concentration or insufficient strength, burying hidden dangers. Choose the important parts of the main link section correctly and don't be careless.

The inspection process is also the process of company promotion. Through the inspection and implementation of the company's rules and regulations, the company's safety and quality responsibilities should be implemented. After data review, equipment demolition and other work, inspections should be done to improve equipment technology. After inspection and acceptance of the archives, an inspection pass mark is issued.

In the process of installation and inspection, strictly checking the technical data of children's play equipment, supervising the installation process and promoting the company's brand are inseparable links. It is necessary to master the inspection of each link to avoid problems in the construction process. Guarantee the safety and quality of amusement equipment.

After choosing a children's amusement equipment manufacturer and deciding to buy other amusement equipment, it is very important to choose a reliable amusement equipment manufacturer. A good manufacturer is a guarantee of high quality. Amusement equipment is provided for tourists to play, and only high-quality children's amusement equipment products can ensure the entertainment of tourists. The quality of the amusement equipment will allow investors to operate with peace of mind and make tourists feel comfortable.
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