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The regular inspection period of children's playground equipment is one year

by:Jinma Rides     2022-10-15
The regular inspection period of children's playground equipment is one year

2022/4/14 4:55:49

Children's playground equipment operators should check the mall to understand the consumption level in the area and the fees charged by other children's playground equipment, and then set their own reasonable fees to complete the surplus. Excessive fees will deter players, while low fees will lead to vicious competition among peers.

Children's playground equipment refers to equipment used for commercial purposes, operating in closed areas, and providing recreational activities for tourists. With the development of science and the advancement of society, modern entertainment machines and entertainment equipment make full use of skills such as machinery, electricity, lights, sound, water and electricity that combine common sense, taste, science and pleasure. It is very popular among teenagers and children. Enrich people's entertainment days, train the human body, nurture people's emotions, beautify the urban environment, and play an active role.

Various children's playground equipment. There are a variety of modern playful children's parks. There are various types of structures and types of movement. The scale and size are very different, and the appearance is also different.

Games are for the maintenance of the child's body. When using children's playground equipment, please pay attention to:

1. Pay attention to the maintenance and inspection signs: According to regulations, the regular inspection period of children's playground equipment is one year. For the amusement equipment that has undergone maintenance inspection, the quality inspection department will issue the inspection mark and paste it in a prominent position in the amusement equipment. Visitors are not permitted to use substandard and substandard amusement equipment. still expired.

2. Watch out for bicyclists: Install 'Passenger Notes' in a prominent location on children's playground equipment. Please read carefully before riding and do not jump over gates. Passengers must wait outside the protective gates before boarding. If there are many people, they have to queue and cannot jump over the gate.

3. Children should be accompanied by their parents: children are not allowed to ride alone.

4. Follow the instructions of the service staff: Passengers follow the instructions of the staff. When getting on and off, pay attention to your head and feet to avoid bumping or falling.

5. Watch out for straps: Do not catch riding equipment until you have stopped riding. Wear a belt while riding. See if it's reliable. During operation, grasp the protective handle or other protective equipment with both hands.
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