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The safe operation of large amusement equipment is inseparable from a strict safety management system

by:Jinma Rides     2022-10-23

  The safe operation of large-scale amusement equipment is inseparable from a strict safety management system. This has nothing to do with the size of the large-scale amusement equipment operation site and the price of the large-scale amusement equipment. It is directly related to the awareness of safe operation of children's playgrounds. Run operations and carefully control each link to minimize the risk of entertainment equipment operations. These are the three steps for the daily safe operation of entertainment equipment.

   First of all, whether the safety protection device of the amusement equipment works normally. This is part of the basic inspection, especially for large amusement equipment. If there is a problem with the safety protection device, it must be a major accident. Even simple safety protection devices for entertainment equipment are essential. Only after the safety protection check can be provided an insurance for daily safety operations.

   The second is to check the motors of amusement equipment. Electric motors are the source of all power for entertainment equipment. During the operation of the amusement equipment, if the motor fails, even if the safety protection device is normal, the customer will be trapped on the amusement equipment. There are risks, so whether the motor is normal is also an important item to be checked every day.

   Again, it is a link transmission of entertainment equipment. After the bearing is damaged, even if the motor is working normally, it will not transmit power, which is likely to cause accidents.

  Most entertainment equipment is illuminated by lighting. These lights do not work. Therefore, compared with outdoor amusement equipment, indoor amusement equipment needs people to clean. If this is not the case, the remaining things on the indoor amusement equipment will not disappear for a long time, and the reproduction is still very strong, which is very important for the healthy growth of children.

   Therefore, the staff of the amusement equipment will have to work hard. Every day before the amusement equipment is put into use or after the amusement equipment is completed, the amusement equipment should be widely used to ensure that there is no hidden place. For riders who are in frequent contact with riders, such as swing machines, bouncers and other vehicles, the staff should carry out these rides.

   For the syrup used in entertainment equipment, it is recommended to use iodine and alcohol. Generally, the effect of iodine is still stronger than that of alcohol. The amusement equipment should be scrubbed in multiple directions to prevent the remaining parts from being scrubbed. The amusement equipment is cleaned twice a day for better results.

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