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The selection of amusement equipment is just two simple steps

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-13
With the favor of the national economic policy, the development of my country's cultural tourism industry has been in full swing in recent years. Amusement equipment manufacturers have kept pace with the times, pioneered and innovated, and large, medium and small amusement equipment are competing on the stage, and a new type of amusement equipment will be produced every few days. Equipment, plus the previous classic playground equipment, the total number of amusement equipment in the market is thousands. Especially for the expensive large-scale amusement equipment, you should be more careful when purchasing, so should you choose the amusement equipment? Just two simple steps:
1. Determine the type and quantity of equipment according to the site, including the type of playground and the size of the playground.
①According to the location of the venue, it can be divided into indoor playgrounds and outdoor playgrounds. Indoor playgrounds choose indoor playground equipment, outdoor playgrounds choose outdoor playground equipment, some small and medium-sized playground equipment can be placed indoors and outdoors, this is optional .
②According to the age of tourists, it can also be divided into children's playgrounds, adult playgrounds, parent-child family amusement centers, corresponding to children's playground equipment, adult amusement equipment, and parent-child amusement equipment. Nowadays, most of the playgrounds are comprehensive parent-child amusement parks. Play experience, adults and children play together.
③The area of ​​the site also affects the selection of playground equipment. The playgrounds of several hundred square meters and several thousand square meters, and the playgrounds of several thousand square meters and tens of thousands of square meters, have great differences in the structure layout of the venue and the amusement facilities inside.
2. Choose big brand amusement equipment
Purchasing amusement equipment, you get what you pay for, brand manufacturers are right! The products of branded amusement equipment manufacturers are more reliable. In fact, everyone knows this, but they can't stand the industry's shit stick.——Producers of fake and shoddy amusement equipment have made round after round of“Cabbage price”Bombing, then deceived!
Later, I found out that their amusement equipment is of poor quality and after-sale, and even the safety cannot be guaranteed, and the failure of two ends in three days is simply garbage. It is indeed a piece of garbage. In the end, most amusement park operators will abandon them and look for big brand amusement equipment merchants to repurchase. Although it’s time to make amends, but who will you go to for the money and time wasted? Those who lose money and accompany their time are lucky. Those playgrounds that cause casualties among tourists due to the operation of inferior amusement equipment, what should I do?
Amusement facilities are no better than others, and are directly related to the revenue and operational safety of the playground. Therefore, whether it is large-scale amusement equipment or small and medium-sized amusement equipment, it is better to choose the products of brand manufacturers.
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