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The standard when it comes to large amusement rides!

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-18
The standard when it comes to large amusement rides!

2021/9/23 10:41:58

The standards for the operation of large-scale amusement equipment are heavier than Mount Tai. Whether it is a manufacturer of large-scale amusement equipment or a place that operates amusement facilities, it is necessary to know that the problem is the focus of operation. Below, the problems of our large amusement equipment are explained as follows:

① Passenger restraint device: When the large-scale amusement equipment is running, the passenger may be moved, collided, or thrown or slipped out of the ride, and a passenger restraint device must be provided.

② Requirements for fences and platforms: fences should be set up at the entrance and exit respectively, and guide fences should be set up at the entrance. The platform should have anti-skid measures. For those large amusement equipment that rides on and off while running, the entrance and exit of the passenger part should not be higher than 300 mm from the platform.

③ Insurance measures: The overall structure of the passenger part of the large amusement equipment running in the air should be firm and reliable, and insurance measures should be taken for its important parts. When the large-scale amusement equipment is in operation, the power supply is suddenly cut off or the equipment fails, which endangers the passengers, and an automatic or manual emergency stop device must be provided. After the large-scale amusement equipment fails during operation, measures should be taken to relieve passengers.

④Other requirements: large-scale amusement equipment should set up eye-catching signs in necessary places and parts. No exposed sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs and dangerous protrusions are allowed where passengers can reach. For culverts through which large amusement equipment passes, the containing surface should be made of materials that are not easy to fall off, and the decorations should be firmly fixed.

When we go out to play, we must act according to the rules of the game, and do not violate those unique rules, otherwise it will cause personal regrets. Therefore, when tourists go to large playgrounds, they must pay more attention to which slogans. Similarly, it is more important that the managers of large amusement equipment do the daily maintenance work.
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