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The understanding of friends amusement equipment not only includes shape and price

by:Jinma Rides     2021-08-21

The current amusement equipment industry is a mixed bag, with various levels of amusement equipment emerging in an endless stream, flooding all corners of the market. In addition, the technology of high-simulation amusement equipment is becoming more and more complex, and it is not easy to purchase high-quality and guaranteed equipment. As long as you have a good understanding of the equipment and have the correct investment philosophy, every investor can become and recognize the valuable entertainment equipment suitable for your venue. The understanding of equipment includes not only the shape and price of the equipment, but more importantly the true value of the equipment. For example, if children's amusement equipment is used for children's entertainment, its value must reflect the purpose of entertainment; however, this group lacks self-protection awareness and is very fragile. Therefore, safety protection is an important value of amusement equipment. Simply put, the value of entertainment equipment is not only entertainment, but also safety. Investment philosophy is very important for the selection of amusement equipment. Due to the misunderstanding of the concept of investment, many people have caused a lot of trouble, and even investment has failed. Just remember: the investment must be strong and visionary, as long as the money is worth it, it should not be indefinite. Buffer and anti-collision safety devices have various types according to the structure of the amusement equipment itself and the performance requirements of its movement. The simple one can be the buffer room, the complicated one can be the system.  
Such as rotation speed, fruit insect block, leapfrog, bouncing kangaroo; and other amusement equipment. During operation, due to various reasons such as operation, brake braking, etc., vehicles (cockpits) may collide with each other, which may pose a danger to the personal safety of entertainment. Therefore, for this kind of entertainment equipment, the manufacturer installs the front or rear of the vehicle, or the vehicle (or cockpit), and installs a bumper and anti-collision device as needed. Such cushioning and anti-collision devices are usually assembled by elastic anti-collision rubber or springs and spring seats, sliding rods, guide sleeves, etc., and are respectively installed on the front and rear (cockpit) of the vehicle. When the vehicle (cockpit) method can still collide, the elastic contraction characteristics of rubber or spring are used to absorb the impact force of the vehicle (cockpit) collision, thereby effectively reducing or avoiding personal injury. Tourists.
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