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The Vitality and Sustainable Profitability of Large Play Equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-20
The Vitality and Sustainable Profitability of Large Play Equipment

2022/3/2 9:19:24

In the hot summer, people have an irrepressible love and strong desire for the coolness of water. Therefore, large-scale amusement equipment and mobile game parks, especially small and medium-sized water parks, zoos or other theme parks, which have characteristics and meet people's needs, will attract a considerable number of people's consumption. So, what are the characteristics of the amusement equipment purchased in these amusement places? Why can they attract so many models to play and get a lot of Lu Run?

According to the survey, these playgrounds have a good management system and a very good service system, and the playground equipment is healthy (exercise), fun, ān quán, participation and interaction, inherent hydrophilicity of human beings, entertainment stimulation, etc. Features, obviously as long as an amusement park has these features, especially a water park, it can attract a large number of repeat customers. At the same time, tourists of all ages can find their favorite and suitable items. The water park basically covers consumer groups of all ages, so it is the basic guarantee for the stability of the water park. During holidays, there are some surrounding cities within a two-hour driving distance. Since the proportion of guests will not exceed one quarter of the total tourists, it is very important to increase the consumption frequency of the local population.

As long as the amusement equipment is liked by ordinary local citizens, it will have continuous vitality and profitability, and it will be a successful investment park for the water park. In addition, the investment scale is large, the ticket price is definitely higher, and the water park ticket price is proportional to the investment scale. But if this is done, the repeat consumption rate of guests must be very low. After all, the living standard of most of our urban residents is not high, so the early positioning of our water park project is very important. If your playground is not positioned well from the beginning, even a good project cannot ensure its long-term sustainable vitality and lasting profitability.
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