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Three major faults of carousel running and their solutions

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-28
Three major faults of carousel running and their solutions

2021/9/25 8:43:52

Carousel has always been one of the popular amusement items, and the update of carousel is also fast and fast, so how to solve the problem of the new carousel amusement equipment when it rotates? What are the solutions? Details are as follows:

can not act

1. The electrical control cabinet and the line are faulty. First of all, check whether the electric control cabinet is working, and check whether the power indicator of the electric control cabinet is on. If the indicator is on, it means that there is no problem with the power connection to the electric control cabinet. If the indicator is not on, first check the power supply to the electronic control Check whether the wiring of the cabinet is broken or short-circuited, if so, reconnect or replace the wiring. If there is no problem, then open the electric control cabinet to check whether the relay blade is closed and whether the insurance is blown. If so, close and replace it. If the fault still exists, check whether the line connecting the electric control cabinet to the conductive ring of the carousel is disconnected (the position of the conductive ring is at the center column of the carousel), and whether the line from the conductive ring to the motor is disconnected, if so, reconnect or replace it line. Furthermore, check whether there is dust or poor contact in the contact part of the conductive ring and the carbon brush.

2. Motor failure. There is no fault in the electric control cabinet and circuit, or the fault still cannot be started after troubleshooting. To check whether the motor is faulty, remove the belt from the motor pulley, turn on the power button on the electric control cabinet, and then see if the motor is working. The motor is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Difficult to start

1. The bearing is too tight. Such failures generally occur in the case of new carousels, which can be adjusted with a wrench, and the tightness is moderate. In addition, lubricating oil can be added for better effect.

2. The voltage is unstable or too low. Many devices have difficulty in starting or cannot be started because the voltage is unstable or too low, mainly because the nearby voltage load is too large. This phenomenon is especially obvious in summer. The way to check is to press the start button of the electric control cabinet and observe whether the voltmeter is normal. The solution is to replace the power cord with a larger square number or replace the line access point.

3. The V-belt is loose. If the V-belt is loose, you can adjust the distance between the motor and the pulley or replace it with a new V-belt of the same type.

Jitter and excessive noise

The problem of jitter and excessive noise is caused by the uneven operation of the large plate. You can check whether the tire has air leakage or insufficient air pressure. If the air leaks, it needs to be replaced or repaired. If the air pressure is not enough, the tire can be inflated. Generally, three and a half Air pressure will do. Second, because the friction between the transmission part and the bearing increases, just add lubricating oil.
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