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Top 10 playgrounds for kids

by:Jinma Rides     2022-03-07
Top 10 playgrounds for kids

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There are many playgrounds in the world. Different large-scale amusement facilities are the facilities that children and adults love to play. Here are ten playgrounds that children love to play.

1. Teardrop Park, Manhattan, USA

This 1.8-acre park features multiple playgrounds, and the main design concept is to give children more space to get in touch with nature and have fun all year round. Because children are the main users of Teardrop Park, the design of the park focuses on the lack of urban children's natural experience: to provide a place for adventure, to find a natural place, and to exercise both physically and mentally. The topography of the site, characteristic water features, natural rocks and lush plants create a world with natural textures, huge contrasting scales, and a rough yet sophisticated world.

2. Nishi Rokugo Amusement Park, Tokyo, Japan (Tire Amusement Park)

Nishi Rokugo Playground (Tire Playground) features dinosaurs, monsters, bridges, slides and swings all made of thousands of car tires scattered around for kids and parents to stack, roll, Jump and climb and have fun.

3. St Kilda Children's Amusement Park, Melbourne, Australia

This is an adventure park with wooden castles and shipwrecks, which can satisfy children's imagination of adventure. Reusable, eco-friendly materials have been used to create a homely and comfortable atmosphere that is suitable for adults to follow, but also for active children to have fun.

4. Clemyjontri Playground, Virginia, USA

The picturesque Clemyjontri Playground in Fairfax County, Virginia looks like an ordinary playground at first glance. However, parts of the park - such as the swings, carousel and monkey bars (for children's climbing games) - are carefully designed to allow both physically handicapped and able-bodied children to play together. Designers also built swings with backrests and a wheelchair-friendly ramp to keep everyone entertained. The passages between the facilities are coloured, non-slip surfaces for easy access.

Some areas of the park encourage group interaction, while other areas are quieter, independent areas where children can play alone. In the playground, children's social and communication skills can be enhanced, which has the dual role of learning and play.

5. Hillerod, Germany

The playground in this park has giant spiders, cobwebs and mushrooms, where children can climb rope nets and play slides.

6. City Museum Playground, Missouri, USA

An oversized playground attached to the city museum, built entirely from recycled materials, including two real airplanes, designed to keep kids entertained.

7. Sweden Fruity Playground

The rides here are built to simulate fruit, such as banana slides and cherry swings. Children can turn into 'very hungry caterpillars' to crawl and crawl among various fruits, and they can also learn a lot of food-related knowledge.

8. Adventure Playground, California, USA

This is a place where children can show off their skills. Whether they like sports or art, children can give full play to their imagination and creativity.

9. Takino Hillside Park, Sapporo, Japan

The playgrounds we've seen so far are made of steel and wood, but there are many options for this playground. Its structure is made of hand-woven mesh. It is a children's paradise built on the hillside imitating an ant nest. It includes the ant mound tower, the ant nest tunnel, the rainbow nest dome and other parts, which will keep children entertained.

10. Parque Gulliver, Valencia, Spain

Gulliver's Park in Valencia, Spain, is based on the British writer Jonathan Swift's 'Gulliver's Travels' (Gulliver's travels) in which Gulliver drifted to Lilliput after his sailing ship sank. When he was tired and asleep, he was tied in place with ropes by the townspeople of Lilliput, making a huge statue of Gulliver. Children and people who come to play are just like city residents in the 'Lilliput

Covering an area of u200bu200b15,000 square meters, Gulliver is colorful and vivid in shape, full of magical fairy tale colors. He lay all over the sand, hands, feet, hair, and the ruffles of his clothes concealed various ladders, slides, and rope ladders that he could climb.
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