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Types of luxury carousel

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-04
Types of luxury carousel

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Children's amusement equipment is very popular in the investment market due to its small investment and high income, and the luxury carousel is also a frequent visitor in the amusement park. So what are the common new luxury carousel? Today, the amusement editor will come to share with you share.

1. European luxury carousel

European-style luxury carousel is a common new carousel. Common specifications include 12 seats, 24 seats, 32 seats, and 36 seats. The magnificent appearance is very popular with children.

2. Flying Devil Hat

The Flying Magic Hat is a new type of luxury carousel designed and produced by the giant dragon amusement equipment. The overall shape is a large wizard hat, and the seats are all in the shape of brooms, which is very characteristic. Using a large number of led screens, through playing various scenes, immersive experience, a wonderful journey to the magical world.

3. Ant Kingdom

Ant Kingdom is a small luxury carousel designed and produced by Julong Amusement Equipment for indoor display. The appearance and seat are made of ants, which are exquisite and cute, and are very popular among children.

There are more new luxury carousel in the amusement, welcome all new and old customers to consult! We look forward to your call~
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